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Aurora Viewing Under the Dene Skies

Experience our authentic Indigenous Aurora Tour. Spend an evening among the Dene people, with northern lights story-telling, Dene history and legends, traditional drumming and handgames demonstration, and samples of traditional foods such as local Great Slave Lake fish and freshly made bannock. Visit our camp with a heated cabin and teepees with comfortable seating for everyone. Our camp is located on the shore of Great Slave Lake, with exceptional opportunities to see and photograph the vibrant Aurora Borealis.

Tour Details & Pricing: $120/per person,

 5 hours, evening departures: 9pm-2am.

Includes hotel pick up at 9pm and drop off at 2am, drive to Community of Dettah and visit to B.Dene Adventures camp. Our December to April tours include a snowmobile ride to B. Dene Camp.Refreshments are also included.

Schedule:   August 15 to October 1

                   December 15 to April 7

                   Seven days a week

The Dene & Our Land
A Dene Culture Experience

Be introduced to the Dene people of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation, their history and the significance of their land and cultural traditions of the Wiiliideh people. Visit B. Dene Adventures’ camp to share Dene culture, art and foods. Listen to the beat of the traditional drums and join the excitement of traditional Dene Games.

Tour Details & Pricing: $100/person, minimum 4 people
($50 surcharge for smaller groups) 4 hours, 11am-3pm

Includes hotel pick up and return, drive to Dettah, check fish nets, snowmobile ride to visit B. Dene Adventures Camp, soup/stew & bannock lunch & light refreshments. 
Schedule: January 27 - March 30     
                  Monday/Wednesday/Friday's only

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