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B. Dene - Bear and Wildlife Monitoring Services

Our foremost commitment is to safeguard the well-being of our clients' personnel in the most challenging environments, all while promoting the preservation of wildlife. B. Dene boasts a proven history of delivering comprehensive bear and wildlife monitoring services, making us the premier choice throughout the Northwest Territories. Our Dene monitors are trained and experienced, with some in the Canadian Rangers who are very skilled on the land and are also local traditional knowledge holders. 

Key Features

Key features of our services include:

  • Bear and wildlife deterrent practices informed by local and cultural expertise.

  • Robust reporting and monitoring protocols with regular client updates

  • Safety protocols reinforced through annual training. 

  • Reliable and swift deployment capabilities

  • Dependable security clearance

  • Flexible short and long-term service options for camps, work sites, mines, and various other locations.

  • Committed to upholding client’s nondisclosure and confidentiality requirements.

Let’s Work Together

B.Dene Adventures Inc 

Tel: 867-444-0451 or 867-445-4520

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