Cultural Tours:

Dene Culture Camps are provided for all ages

The Dene & Our Land

A Dene Cultural Experience: $120/per person minimum 4 people ($25 surcharge for smaller groups) 4 hours, Includes hotel pick up and return, tour of Yellowknife, N’dilo and Dettah, and visit to B.Dene camp, light refreshments. Take this Dene journey through the communities of Yellowknife, Dettah and N’dilo. Be introduced to the Dene people and the significance of their land and cultural traditions. Visit B. Dene Adventures’ camp to share Dene culture, art and foods. Listen to the beat of the traditional drums and join the excitement of traditional Dene Hand Games.


Dene Cultural Tours: $75/per person, minimum 4 people. 2 hours, includes hotel pick up and drop off. Offered year round, day and nightly tours avaialble.

Three communities, one Dene culture: Yellowknife, Ndilo and Dettah. This is a guided Aboriginal journey through three northern communities. Learn about the significance of the land to the Dene. Your guide will introduce you to Dene history and culture. Winter tours include a trip on the ice road to Dettah.


Winter Cultural Camp Tour: 3 hour tour. Includes hotel pickup and drop off. Drive through Yellowknife, Ndilo and drive on ice road to Dettah Snowmobile ride to the B. Dene camp Dene history of the land and Wiliideh people in teepee. Hand games and traditional drumming demonstration in our cabin. Snowshoe to snare demonstration. Participate in traditional Dene games.