Cultural Camps:

Dene Culture Camps for All Ages

Dene Culture Camps are provided for all ages. Gain insight and understanding of the Dene ways of life; practicing hunting, fishing and gathering. All camps are adapted to your needs. B. Dene Adventures can design a complete package to suit your group, including all aspects of the program.

We have been involved with the following types of camps:

  • Overnight Camp
  • Berry/Medicine Camp
  • Aboriginal Awareness Camp
  • Winter Survival Camp
  • Moose/Caribou Hide Tanning Camp
  • Trapping/Snaring Camp
  • Traditional Dene Games Camp
  • Caribou/Moose Camp
  • Bird Camp
  • Canoe Trips Fish Camp

If you would like to host a camp with B. Dene Adventures, please contact us:

Bobby Drygeese:(867)444-0451
Jennifer Drygeese:(867)445-4520